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20th Anniversary of Simple Session in Tallinn with Bora Altinas

20th Anniversary of Simple Session in Tallinn with Bora Altinas

The foremost contestant of Cyprus BMX team – Bora Altintas will demonstrate his unique experience on the 20th Anniversary edition of Simple Session in Tallinn

Turkish Cypriot athlete, Bora Altintas at the young age has started his journey with Cyprus BMX team and was extremely inspired with BMX sport. Bora pushed the boundaries of what is possible on a bike. Even though Cyprus is small island, the eminent BMX sport has accumulated with a number of striking young athletes representing their best skills on bikes around Cyprus streets.

Boras ability to pull off highly technical tricks with seemingly easy and effortless style saw him gain a reputation as one of the best park and street riders around Cyprus, considering the fame of this sport on the island.

A bit unlucky weekend here in my first @simplesession . Didn’t make the finals . My second run didn’t go as I planned but what ever we had a fun time !!!! Biraz şanssız bir hafta sonu oldu finale kalamadım , 1. tur istediklerimi yapabildim fakat 2. tur istediğim gibi gitmedi . Herkese destekleri için çok teşekkür ederim . Buradaki ilk tecrübemdi bidahakine 😆 @bsdforever @fiberabmx @bmxtrcom @vanadereboyustore @thespacebrace @gshocktr #bmx #bmxstreet #bmxlife.

Objavljuje Bora Altintas u Subota, 8. veljače 2020.

Although it is Bora’s first time participation on the Simple Session in Tallinn, he was capable to send gnarly tricks down stair sets and ride over big gaps, while also being able to link manual combos together to gain the singularity. Bora seeks to combine great tricks with an outstanding level of technical skill and always finds ways to make his riding unique. The streets of Cyprus and constant training taught Bora to perform outstanding tricks, which makes him one step above others.

The Cyprus BMX team would like to wish Bora to be focused on his goals, and to reach his destination that he has been seeking for. That what exactly he showed up on the Simple Session in Talin this year.