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Who we are and what we do?

You all wonder who we are, and what are the future plans we have in mind for supporting BMX in Cyprus and generally cycling community. Let us tell you about it in few words. Ride, progress, create the scene, promote, get people involved and most importantly just have fun along the way. This is how it all begun a long time ago with just a handful of riders across the island of Cyprus. Ah, the good old times… We have come a long way, and today, still on voluntary basis, we keep the spirit up and strive to evolve the bmx scene bit by bit as the time goes by. is a go to portal for those who are involved in or are curious about Cyprus bmx scene. Our team of developers and writers constantly work on quality content like international and localbmx news, rider’s updates, highlights, videos, photos, interviews and much more. Trading platform was developed to enable p2p trading of bicycles, parts and accessories. Having organized a few bmx events in the past, we are still working on the new ones yet to come.We have warm welcomed several foreign bmx teams on our island, guiding them to spots and joining in for riding sessions together.  There are no rules or limits to what we do, is always open to suggestions, collaborations and innovative ideas. The world is a huge playground, lets play, ride and create something unique together!